“… I couldn’t believe my eyes how fast the electrician was able to resolve the electrical shorting problem we were having in our home. I would definitely use this service again, it only took a simple phone call and their was a guy at my front door within a few hours

Home owner - Laura Thompson, Mississauga


“… this older condominium building requires a lot of maintenance and there are many electrical improvements which need to be made on a regular basis, so when I have an electrical problem I know not to stress over it because one quick phone call to ELECTRICON and problem solved! Makes my job alot easier. I recommend all fellow property managers to use them.”

RCM – Dave C., Brookfield


“… it was a busy afternoon at the restaurant as usual, pizzas were flying in and out of the oven all day until suddenly I panicked, I called the owner over to have a look and his immediate response was ‘call Rob from ELECTRICON’ and that was exactly what I did. Understanding that it was an critical to our business Rob had sent over a technician right away. Within 3 minutes the oven was back up and running, and lunch continued. Without ELECTRICON that day I don’t know what I would have done, thanks guys!”

Restaurant manager – Tony Rispoli, Vaughan


“… undergoing a renovation is a lot of stress and complications dealing with multiple contractors & trades. Every wall we opened up was like a can of warms, electrical wires and unsafe connections everywhere, what a disaster!! Thank god we hired on ELECTRICON to handle the electrical re-wire of our 3,000 sq/ft home. These guys came in and removed all the old knob & tube wiring, ‘illegal connections’, and make everything safe, even the inspector from ESA was impressed by their work. The electricians Sandro and Nick were a pleasure to work with also, they made my decision making job very easy with all of their recommendations. The Design team at ELECTRICON spent hours with me to properly layout my electrical plans (many late evening and weekend meetings.. sorry guys lol) and help me choose all my finishes. I cant thank you enough! I love my new home and we owe a lot of the credit to you guys!! p.s. the ensuite heated floor was the best part of this renovation, good idea!”

Home owners – Melanie and Tom Burkley, Toronto

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